Why Have A Video

If a picture is a thousand words, then a video must be like an entire library.

Online video has grown to become very important to internet users.

The expectation of a video to be present on websites is now a standard and appreciating this is crucial when holding a stage based event. Be it a seminar, AGM, awards ceremony, lecture, keynote, public meeting, presentation, product launch, conference, masterclass, panels or performance. The opportunities to capitalise on your PHS Pictures produced video and bring about more profound value to your organisation are deeper than you might think.

Here are few reasons to commission a video of your forthcoming event.



Use your event video to strengthen your marketing strategies.

We can supply you with a 30 second promo of your event that will:

  • Encourage audiences to watch the full version.
  • Encourage viewers to share with other like minded friends and colleagues
  • Help build a stronger relationship between you and new and existing clients or members. By giving them a window into your world, they will have a deeper connection with your organisation. Being able to identify with you means they feel a sense of investment, ownership and loyalty to your brand.

Use modern distribution methods and technologies like QR codes, social media platforms, email distribution lists to draw viewers to your event video.



Having a video of your stage based event not only informs your new and existing clients or members on the details of your event, but reinforces trust in organisation's legitimacy.

Knowing that you are an organisation who can demonstrate that it can attract an audience who are willing to travel to your event, serves to deliver credibility to your viewers.

This credibility helps to influence your viewers into becoming more invested in your organisation's services, thereby helping it grow and expand.

It goes without saying that having an organisation that is viewed favourably in the eyes of it's users, is something that you cannot do without. So give yourself the best chance of strengthening your credible status.


SEO (search engine optimisation)

Since online video has become such an important requirement to organisations, tools have been developed to not only track and analyse their performance but also use that data to improve ranking in search engines.

It is due to the high demand of audiences to watch and absorb their content through video that this has now influenced how well a website will be seen on the first few pages of search engines.

This is of great importance to being found easily on the net since, when your visitors click on that link and arrive at your site, they are going to want to know as much about you in an easily digestible form.

So have your PHS Pictures produced video waiting there to satisfy that requirement and help make your visitor's experience on your website a more pleasurable one.

A well crafted video is great, but a well crafted video that brings in more visitors to your website from search results is even better.

Missed It?


While it's great to host an event and have an audience in attendance, sometimes you can't have as many people there as you'd like. Various reasons for this exist; logistic problems, inconvenient time or date, venue capacity limitations, etc.

However, these factors don't have to prevent them from being involved. Having your event captured on video and available online only serves to keep all your clients and members in the loop. It shows them that they matter to you.

Not only this, but it also serves to give insight to prospective clients and members of your organisation's standing in it's ability to arrange and host an event for them should they join up with you.



So how can a PHS Pictures produced video help generate revenue for your organisation?

Well, along with a strong marketing strategy, your organisation can take advantage of the many ways online video can create revenue.

Premium Content

If your organisation holds events that are usually "pay to attend" such as workshops and seminars, then you can use your video to extend your revenue stream by utilising one of the many "video on demand" services available (YouTube Paid Content, Amazon Video Direct , Vimeo On Demand to name but a few) to non-attendees and generate "passive income" from them.

As an extra incentive to attendees of your event, you could include a discount voucher to your VOD catalogue; all accessible via your website.


When coupled with video statistics such as number of views, subscribers, vod purchases; your video can help position you to invite sponsorship from companies willing to support your organisation.

A PHS Pictures produced video will evidence attendance numbers of your event, thus helping to present your organisation as an attractive prospect for potential sponsors to gain higher visibility.


With enough forethought it's possible to use your event video to help with advance sales to your next event. We can add promo material to your video to promote your next event, where tickets can be purchased, and any promotions to be had for booking in advance.

When distributed via your current marketing strategies, your video has the best means of reaching people even if they have not visited your website.


Having a video of your event can pays dividends. So why not book us now.